Simurg is a brand agency that prioritizes design-centered creativity.

Our story started 18 years ago in Washington DC and continues today at Kuzguncuk, one of the most famous historical neighborhoods of Istanbul. 

It is our greatest passion to understand brands and write their stories.

Simurg believes that good design should connect with people and enables them to build their brand systems by using these connections. There is extensive research, strategic planning and creative processes behind every project it undertakes. Simurg’s most basic habit is to draw inspiration from many disciplines such as art, literature, music and architecture at every stage of the design process.

Our Team

Harun Tan

Founder & Creative Director

Mustafa Yaman

Head of Agency & Brand Strategist

İslam Dalp

Senior Project Manager

İrem Nur Kaya

Project Manager

Selin Naçar

Art Director

Cem Eryılmaz

Art Director

Ömer Faruk Özçelik

Graphic Designer

Efe Selamet

Graphic Designer